Who Should Attend

Cross Connection Control Course for Backflow Prevention

The program is primarily intended for persons who wish to become Certified Backflow Preventer Device Testers who will be testing these devices as required by State and Federal laws.

Persons who specify, recommend and /or purchase Backflow Prevention Devices will also find this course extremely helpful. Each student has the opportunity to personally work on, evaluate and compare features of many different devices. Virtually all of the manufacturers are represented.

Also, anyone involved with the design, administration, installation and maintenance of water distribution systems or Cross Connection Control programs will find this course of immediate value to their work. This would include the Consulting Engineer, Architect, Public Official, Inspector Plumber, Salesperson and Technician. This program is for water users as well as for water purveyors. Recognized by the New York State Health Department, 2.0 C.E.U. credits will be awarded upon successful completion of this course by the New York State Health Department.

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