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The Course

This course was developed to meet the growing need for persons qualified and certified to test and repair Backflow Prevention Devices. These devices must be inspected and tested at least annually. Inspections are required to locate cross connections and to determine which type of device is required for protection of the water supply. Plans for new construction and renovations must be reviewed to assure compliance with Federal, State and local laws and regulations.
This course presents the fundamentals of cross connection hazards and control through such topics as:
•Theory of Backflow
•Description of hazards
•Methods and Devices for Prevention of Backflow
•Installation and Design Considerations
•Codes, Ordinances, Regulations and Responsibilities
•New York State Approach to Cross Connecton Control

This course also develops an understanding of the Backflow Prevention Devices by studying the operation theory, flow characteristics and testing procedures for the:
•Double Check Valve Assemblly (DCV)
•Reduced Pressure Device (RPZ)
•Vacuum Breakers, etc.

Hands-on lab time is mixed with classroom theory. One day is devoted entirely to working on the devices under the guidance from technicians from several of the manufacturers.

No person in whatever relationship with the foundation shall be discriminated on the basis of race, ethnic background, national origin, religion, color, sex, age, or condition handicap, or marital status.

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