2021 Meeting Brochure Batavia Downs      Check out the speakers for the annual meeting in October, Kevin Turcott and John Graham and see what they will be talking about.

We had a great turnout at this year’s annual meeting even though the speakers had to do it via zoom.

Kevin Turcott gave an interesting talk on assessing resources, regulation, innovation, technology and risk to effectively anticipate the future of backflow prevention. He also was kind enough to donate a generous amount of “kamstrup” swag that was raffled off to attendees at the end of the meeting.  Thank-you Kevin.

A Thank you to John Graham who enlightened us on the California Wildfires (of which 2018 was the deadliest, most destructive) and how this has evolved into a series of preventative safety measures.  He showed some slides of the actual fires and devastation while he talked about their impact on potable water system contaminations and how it will most likely require years of mitigation and repairs. Very sobering.